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The XC-53 Sampling Console from Apex Instruments is designed as a cost-effective entry level metering console for Isokinetic Sampling.  The console utilizes a backlit, sunlight readable screen, an easy-to-use 4 button keypad, and sensors for measuring temperatures and pressures. The Peak 32 MCM also allows for user-adjustable dampening for stable display of the ∆P and ∆H values. A USB interface is used for sensor calibration and firmware updates. The console uses an internal diaphragm pump, reducing the weight of the console and pump and can be easily adapted to all isokinetic methods including (OTM)-45 for PFAS. 


  • Rugged and lightweight roto-molded linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE/LMDE) case with 3 heavy-duty handles 
  • Digital display with backlit LCD screen  
  • SK-25 precision dry gas meter  
  • Digital PID temperature controllers for probe and oven  
  • Booster pump compatibility for additional flow  
  • Peak 32 MCM electronics package  
  • Digital timer and real-time clock  
  • Pressure damping (average over time)  
  • Membrane button pad to fully access console features  
  • Digital temperature display with 5 type-K thermocouple inputs plus DGM and internal  
  • Mounted case allows for easy service access  
  • Peak 32 microcontroller module (MCM) 


The XC-53 isokinetic source sampler console allows the operator to monitor gas velocities, temperatures, pressures, sample flow rates, and volumes for maintaining isokinetic sampling conditions. The Source Sampler console is easily adapted to test for a wide range of pollutants from stationary sources, such as particulate matter including PM 2.5 and PM10 fractions, metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins/ furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and many more pollutants with adaptations of the standard Method 5 isokinetic test. 



Dry Gas Meter (DGM): Model SK25EX, volumetric gas displacement measurement, easy-to-read numeric index with leak check wheel, Qmax 41 LPM at 150 Pa., Qmin 0.26 LPM, index range 9999 cubic meters, resolution 0.2 Liter, cyclic volume 0.7 Liters, type-K thermocouple for exit temperature. 

Display: 4×20 character back-lit transflective liquid crystal display, viewing area 74 mm x 45 mm, operating temperature -20 to 70⁰C.

Flowmeter: Precision stainless steel venturi orifice.

Internal Sample Pump: KNF Dual-head diaphragm, 70 LPM free flow, 21 LPM @ -50kPa, max vacuum -85 kPa, 24 VDC brushless motor.

Temperature Measurement: Cold junction compensated type-K thermocouple-to-digital converter °C/°F selectable, -200°C to 1372°C range. (-328°F to 2502°F). 6-channel rotary switch, up to 5 addition type-K thermocouple inputs, standard size jacks.

Probe and Oven Temperature Control: Fuji PXR3 Compact, 1/32 DIN self-tuning PID temperature controller, independent 25-amp solid state relays, type-K thermocouple input.

Digital Pressure Transducers: 

  • ΔP Low +/- 1.0” (+/-249 Pa) range bi-directional with 0.001” (0.1 Pa) resolution 
  • ΔP High +/- 10.0” (+/-2491 Pa) range bi-directional with 0.01” (1 Pa) resolution 
  • ΔH 5.0” (1245 Pa) range with 0.01” (1 Pa) resolution
    (ΔP automatically selects appropriate transducer for current flow) 

Vacuum Gauge: Bourdon tube, dual-scale, 0 to -30 inHg, 0 to -100kPa 

Umbilical Connection: Multi-conductor circular electrical connector, 

Instrumental grade stainless steel quick-connect fittings: 

  • Sample inlet: 1/2-inch female 
  • Pitot connections: 1/4-inch female 

Standard size type-K thermocouple connectors: 

  • Aux, Stack, Probe, Oven, Exit 

Power Requirement: 120 VAC at 60 Hz 15 amps max. or 240 VAC at 50 Hz 10 amps max., IEC C-14 inlet. 

Dimensions: H17 x W17 x D12 inches (43 x 43 x 30.5 cm) 

Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) 

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 17 in